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Medical Management Services in Meadville, PA

Palliative Care Solutions, PLLC's founder, Jennifer Gustafson, is hospice- and palliative care-certified in Pennsylvania and has been an RN since 1991. She has 27 years of experience in nursing, 15 years of experience in hospice, and 5 years of experience administering palliative care services. She has lectured in many places and is passionate about providing people in need with medical management services in Meadville, PA.

In hospice, she recognized that a lot of patients and families were not processed appropriately, or the patients didn't want to go to hospice. The individuals were repeatedly admitted to the hospital, or they increased their ER visits for the same complaint. Jennifer took these occurrences as signs that issues weren't being managed well outside of the hospital. She decided to look into ways of managing chronic illnesses and started Palliative Care Solutions, PLLC to provide solutions for clients and their families needing effective medical management services.

Effective Medical Management Outside Of the Hospital

Often, families have no warning about medical issues and are forced to make critical medical decisions on the spot. In addition to being blindsided, they are concerned about having to make choices that they are not medically inclined to make at the time. Whatever they decide can cause them to feel guilty for not being better prepared.

Palliative Care Solutions, PLLC can help create medical management outside of the hospital that aligns with your family's values and beliefs. With our help, your loved one will see an improved quality of life. Taking the entire picture into account, we expertly handle everything from advanced care planning and living wills to emotional support as their condition progresses. We are able to offer the best possible support that is based on the individual's personal preferences and needs.

A lot of patients feel overwhelmed when they receive a new chronic disease or cancer diagnosis. Their social life becomes inundated with doctor's visits that focus on the illness instead of the individual. You won't have to worry about that when you trust in Palliative Care Solutions, PLLC. We are not a hospice, and we're not talking about end-of-life care. Our goal is to improve the day-to-day quality of life for people who are living with chronic illnesses. We want to provide the best possible support so that they can stay out of the hospital. Top-quality palliative care can help you play with the hand you've been dealt.

Why Palliative Care Matters

Personalized medical support saves both lives and money. How? Many people living with serious, life-limiting illnesses find themselves repeatedly visiting the hospital. However, in the long run, this isn’t the best option – both for the patient and their finances. In fact, repeated emergency room visits can lead to severe consequences.

That’s because every visit to the emergency room racks up hundreds, if not thousands more dollars in medical bills. In many cases, the trip to the ER wasn’t necessary or could have been avoided by taking the proper steps. Not only that, emergency room doctors aren’t equipped to provide the medical care that patients living with severe chronic illnesses need to live longer, healthier lives.

The goal of palliative care is to prevent needless trips to the emergency room by providing outstanding preventative care. Management, rather than damage control, is our strategy. That’s why we provide medical management services in Meadville, PA, tailored to patients’ unique needs.

Palliative Care Solutions, PLLC works one-on-one with patients to reduce the need for emergency room visits, glean insight into their illnesses, and understand how to best manage their symptoms. We strongly believe that no two patients are alike – that’s why we take time to get to know each person seeking individualized medical services.

Contact us today to request more information about our medical management services. We proudly serve Meadville, Pennsylvania, and nearby areas.